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"Speaking to the Future " (280 pages pdf)

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About the Westfall Castel Collection

This is a collection of Elder recordings, transcripts and dictionaries compiled by David Westfall and Robert Castel from Manitoba.The recordings and publications were completed during the completion of two projects. The Elders are Woods Cree speakers from the community of Pukatawagan in northern Manitoba.

The first project was a product of BUNTEP program staff, faculty and other supporters who created a collection of recordings and writing for educational purposes. BUNTEP students and staff recorded the Elders 1998 to 2000 for the first collection entitled "Castel’s English-Cree Dictionary and Memoirs of the Elders" published in 2001.

The second project was a continuation of the first project with a new publication entitled "Speaking to the Future"which included some older recordings and videos from 1991 derived from a Cree language course in BUNTEP and then some additonal Elder interviews.

In all, these two sets of Elder accounts include hours of knowledge on Woods Cree lifeways, history, traditional stories and retrospectives on a changing way of life in the north. It is an incredible wealth of

I am thankful for the generousity of David Westfall who gave permission to share these resources freely with others to do what they were intended to do: help others learn about Cree language, culture and history from the Elders themselves; in their own words and their own language.

We owe a dept of gratitude to David Westfall and Robert Castel for their enormous contribution to the Cree language by sharing these collections freely with everyone. And there are many additional people who made these collection possible.

BUNTEP and its director Mr. Mel Lall.
Rosie Colomb
Agnes Colomb
Henrietta Linklater
Athanese Castel
Dominique Hart
Charlie Bighetty
Sidney Castel
Miles Bighetty
Emile Sinclair
Abraham Bird
John Colomb
Charlie Hart

Margaret Sinclair
Keno Linklater
Adam Castel
Domithilde Castel. Many of the community’s Elders have given their
support to the present publication, but these contributors have been called upon
most frequently to help with the translation of the more obscure vocabulary.
Cornelius Bighetty
Dione Lapensee. These supporters are to be thanked for their assistance
in locating maps and charts that have helped in our understanding of places and
local wildlife mentioned in the Memoirs.
Stan Castel
Ken Linklater
Wilmot Robinson (Oxford House)
The above supporters assisted us in locating the sites of traditional rock
The Pukatawagan BUNTEP Class of 1998-2000.
These students have helped through their comments and contributions to bring this
publication to completion:
Mindy Bear Robert Castel Caroline Hart
Lorna Bighetty Sarah Jane Dumas Emily Linklater
Loretta Caribou Ludwig Francois Beverly Linklater
Marianne Caribou Suzette Francois-Castel Thelma Nice
Doris Castel W. Ernest Castel Adam Richard
Merle Sinclair
Dr. Donna Starks. The professional comments of Dr. Starks regarding
the text, especially the preface and introduction, are acknowledged with great
Dr. Robert Brightman. Deep appreciation is also owed to Dr. Brightman
for his very helpful suggestions concerning the manuscript.

"Speaking to the Future"
1991 Pukatawagan Cree Language Program, Ken Bighetty, Juliet Castel, Ernest Castel, Ernest Caribou, Gabriel Bighetty, Athanase Castel, Peter Castel, Sidney Castel, Emile Sinclair, Jerome Colomb, Candace Head, Fred Raven







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