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Woods Cree "th" dialect

Plains Cree "y" dialect

Swampy Cree "n" dialect




Anishnabemowin (Ojibwe)

Terms of Use

Credit the Speakers with each CD you make!

Under NO circumstances may you sell (even for cost-recovery!) any CD's with these recordings! You may however provide as many free copies as you wish to others. With blanks CD's at less than $1.00 each, this is not a huge cost to anyone.

Make as many free copies as you want, you must  give them if you wish to use these recordings.

Why are these files only for Free distribution?

Our languages were given to us by the Creator. NO one owns our languages. These recordings were made by volunteer speakers who recieved gifts of tobacco and were not paid for their time. Our volunteers freely gave these recordings because we agreed to provide them free to those who could not afford lessons.

Please help others by mkaing extra copies for people who are unable to make their own CD's.


Thank you to these fluent speakers who have freely given you the gift of language so you can learn to speak your language! These speakers were not paid but freely gave these recordings because they knew many people who could not afford to pay for lessons or purchase language CD's in order to learn their languages.  They still want our languages to continue to be spoken. Please help others by making extra CD's to give away to someone who is unable to make their own CD. Many of our residential school survivors are interested in learning their languages again.

Woods Cree - Bill Cook
Swampy Cree - Earl Cook
Plains Cree - Laura Burnouf, Darren Okemaysim, Doreen Oakes and Reg Bugler
Dene - Allan Adam (and recorded and edited most of the lessons)
Saulteaux - Alice Taysup and Margaret Lavallee
Anishnaabemowin - Natalie Owl
Nakota (female) - Wilma Kennedy
Nakota (male) - Fred Spyglass

©2008 Allan Adam. Photography by Cathy Wheaton. Designed by Serena Samborski.