First Nations Language Speaking Circle – Linking fluent speakers to learners in one room
In April 2009, the Regina First Nations Language Speaking Circle began. This group began with a group of interested fluent speakers and interested language learners who met once a week for an hour and a half to learn to speak a First Nations language. This group continues to meet and will run sessions until June 16, 2009 and reconvene in the fall of 2009. It is hoped that other speaking circles will form in Regina and other communities.

First Nations Language Online Speaking Lessons – Linking fluent speakers to learners globally
Shortly after the Regina First Nations Language Speaking Circle began to meet, the lessons taught at each session were recorded using a digital recorder and uploaded to a website for learners to practice. This allows learners who do not know a fluent speaker to continue to practice speaking daily which is the most effective way of learning. So far there are 800+ files online. By the end of the project, there will be approximately 1000 phrases total in 9 language categories on this website. We already have lessons in Woods Cree, Plains Cree, Nakota, Saulteaux, Dene, and will be adding Ojibway and Dakota soon.

First Nations Language Audio Lessons – For learners without high speed internet access
For communities and individuals with no to high speed internet, the video lessons are inaccessible. We are now working on different ways to share the digital audio files with others. We have recently added these files to the web site so people can download them to make their own CD’s. We are hoping that communities will create and share copies of these files with others.

A free way for groups of learners to practice speaking with others, you can start one in your library, school, organization, anywhere!

REGINA SPEAKING CIRCLE Facebook group link


Regina First Nation Language Speaking Circle

Albert Library

1404 Robinson Street

Regina, SK

Tuesday  7:00 to 8:30

Free, just drop in!

May 3-June 21, 2011

We welcome all fluent speakers to also attend to help out! Volunteer group.

Guy Albert is our Plain Cree fluent speaker regularly in attendance.

May 31 is CREE BINGO!!!! poster here

Flashcards for Regina Speaking Circle

Start Your Own Speaking Circle!

Contact Cathy or Allan for advice on how to run a speak circle in your workplace, band or community centre!

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