First Language Speaking Project Inc.

To enable individuals, families, organizations and communities to increase speaking ability of First Nation languages in Saskatchewan.

To develop a method for First Nation language learners to speak a base vocabulary so they can converse with fluent speakers and work towards gaining oral fluency

· No cost to learn, resources are free
· Accessible to everyone
· Community driven by volunteers
· Oral fluency is most valued
· Minimal resources required to run programs
· Enables Elders to pass knowledge directly to learners
· Focus on learning whole phrases versus grammar and word lists
· Takes advantage of digital technology and internet

Project Activities
1. First Nations Language Speaking Circle
2. First Nations Language Online Speaking Lessons
3. First Nations Language Audio Lessons

The Coordinators

This project is a personal project for Allan Adam and Cathy Wheaton. Allan Adam is a fluent Dene speaker, interpreter/translator and instructor originally from Fond du Lac Denesuline First Nation. Cathy Wheaton is Woodlands Cree from La Ronge Indian Band but wishes to become a fluent speaker like most of her family.

Allan and Cathy have spent hundreds of hours since January 2009 working on this project. It was initially not anticipated to be this large but it grew very quickly!

Thank You!!!
We have many friends who have shared with this project in the last couple of months. We are so grateful to the Elders who spent time with us: our Nakota Elders: Fred Spyglass of Mosquito First Nation and Wilma Kennedy of Carry the Kettle. Our fluent speakers were Bill Cook, Bernie Cook, Guy Albert, Reg and Marlene Bugler, Darren Okemaysim, Doreen Oakes, Allan Adam, Natalie Owl, Alice Taysap and many others who attended our weekly Speaking Circles. Jessica Generoux who works at the Albert Library offered free space and program promotion for the Speaking Circle.

Allan Adam donated web site space on his web site for this project. He also records the Dene language lessons, creates audio files with Elders and fluent speakers, edits and creates the online videos. Cathy Wheaton compiles the  common phrase lists for interviews, organizes the web site, edits sound files, makes videos, finds external links, writes content and uploads files to Youtube. Together we travel to communities to interview and meet Elders on our own expense in our spare time. We encourage others with similar interests to do the same!


Allan Adam
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Cathy Wheaton
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©2008 Allan Adam. Photography by Cathy Wheaton. Designed by Serena Samborski.