Books for Learning Cree

Project Publications

Learning a First Language and How Fluent Speakers Can Give Language 30 pages

How to Make your Own Language Recordings

How to Speak a New language Using Audio Lessons

Free Online Books and Lessons

How to Say it in Cree by Solomon

Beginner Cree textbook by Solomon Ratt

Cree Phrase Book 

Cree Dictionary and Elder Memoirs 1143 pages

Nursery-Grade 3 - Lesson Unit Plans and Exercises - Cree and Dene

many of these resources can be used by adult beginners as well

Swampy Cree Audio Lessons

Blackfoot Phrases


Books for Purchase

Available for purchase through Brandon University Bookstore

A Saulteaux Phrase Book 1976
A Cree Phrase Book
A Sioux Phrase Book
Cree Syllabic Reader

Available for purchase through Gift of Language and Culture Project

Language Resources for Purchase (children to adults Cree and Dene)

Ojibwe Books


We are not fortunate enough yet to have many programs for our own languages so we need to work with what we have. Most Indigenous language books focus on grammar rules but offer few exercises to really learn how to use the language as a whole. Here are some ways to learn to speak any language that may be helpful.

External Websites

How to Learn Any Language

Walkabout Language Learning - excellant resource!

Language Nests - how to use them to learn to speak

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