This image was painted by Blue Sky Crowe (Jeff Crowe), a Saulteaux artist who lives in Regina SK. I purchased this painting from him in 2009. I had no idea what the painting was going to look like until after he was done. He called it "Strongheart". Since receiving this painting, the spirit of language has emanated from it's canvas, inspiring myself and many others to help each other on our language journeys. Strongheart lives in the hearts of everyone in our project and those learning to speak their languages.

Cathy Wheaton


Blue Sky Crowe (Jeff Crowe) is a Saulteaux artist who lives in Regina, SK. If you are interested in contacting Jeff, please email Cathy Wheaton at and I will pass your message on to him.

©2008 Allan Adam. Photography by Cathy Wheaton. Designed by Serena Samborski.