Allan B. Adam, BA (dist)

Northern Development

Cross Provincial and Territorial Caribou Hunting Rights – worked with Saskatchewan and NWT government - FSIN Vice Chief - Addressed caribou hunting violations

Pre-Consultations on Duty to Consult – Saskatchewan First Nations and Métis – Aboriginal Relationship Specialist

Gathered data from survey of Northern Saskatchewan communities on northern social issues – Data compiled into comprehensive report for Minister of Social Services

Worked with Dene communities and uranium companies - Advocate for trapping, hunting, fishing and gathering in Northern regions on Crown lands

Professional Communication

CBC radio broadcaster in Dene and English – La Ronge and Yellowknife - 11 years including interviewing Marc Garneau, Carol Baker and 1987 NWT Papal visit

APTN - Dene Sport Commentator – 2010 Olympics (cross country skiing and biathlon)

Certified Dene Interpreter - Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan

Language Translator
Document translation into Dene - environmental assessments, technical mining reports, public service brochures and leaflets, documents up to 10,00 words
Interpreting and audio translation film narration, PSA voiceovers, videos, feature film dub (main character)
Services to the following:

- Sask Health
- Sask Education
- Sask Environment
- Sask Justice
- Sask Corrections
- Social Services
- Canada Health
- Canada Environment
- Federal Court
- Truth and Reconciliation Commission
- Department of National Defense
- Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing
- Saskatchewan Research Council
- Saskatchewan Libraries Association
- Areva
- Cameco
- Royal Saskatchewan Museum
- University of Saskatchewan
- Office of the Treaty Commission
- Wanuskewin Heritage Park
- Indian Claims Commission
- Canadian Natural Resources Ltd
- Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
- Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
- Meadow Lake Tribal Council
- Prince Albert Grand Council
- Government of North West Territories
- Cold Lake First Nation
- Alberta Provincial
- Janvier, Chipewyan Prairie Group
- Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

Video Production
Interdisciplinary Studies 201.3 Course Video - NORTEP

Meeting Facilitator/Master of Ceremonies
Janvier, Chipewyan Prairie – Dene Language Interpreter - Steam Assisted Oil Extraction

Fort MacKay Athabasca Regional Gathering - Master of Ceremonies

Claims Writing
Canada Pension Plan – Appeal for denied claim – Black Lake, SK – $85,000 settlement obtained
Peter Abrametz Law Firm – SGI claim – Black Lake, SK- $175,000 Settlement obtained
SGI – Insurance claim for death benefit – Wollaston Lake, SK – $10,000 Settlement obtained

Recent Speaking Engagements
- CACSL National Conference – Panelist – Student Perspectives on the Impacts of CSL
- Churchill Community Learning Centre – Invited Speaker – Importance of Education
- NORTEP – Cree 101 – Guest speaker – The First Language Speaking Project
- NORTEP – ENG 114 – Guest speaker - Native Spirituality and Culture
- NORTEP - INST 100 – Guest speaker – Dene Culture and History
- FSIN Saskatoon – FSIN Chiefs Hunting, Trapping and Fishing committee – Dene Hunting Practices
- SMVS Career Fair, La Ronge – Translating as a Career
- Sask Corrections (La Ronge Branch) Workshop – Dene People in Northern Saskatchewan
- Sâkêwêwak Storytellers Festival Regina, SK – Dene Storyteller and Traditional singer
- St. Augustine Community School, Regina, SK - Grade 6 - Treaties in Saskatchewan

Inter-Governmental Relations

International Government Relations

European Union
Indigenous Harvesting Rights - Successfully lobbied European Union (Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany) against implementation of Wild Fur Product Ban - as FSIN Vice Chief

Aboriginal Governmental Relations

Duty to Consult – Discussion of consultation process – as Aboriginal Relation Specialist

Metis Nation of Saskatchewan
Proposed Game corridor in North East Sask – discussed common concerns – as FSIN Vice Chief

The Dene Nation
MacKenzie Waterway Concerns – gathered territorial representatives and Dene Chiefs to raise concerns with government of Alberta- as Dene Nation CEO

Assembly of First Nations
Action on Crystal Meth Resolution as Fond du Lac Dene Nation Chief
MacKenzie River Basin Water Concerns Resolution as Fond du Lac Dene Nation Chief

Federal Governmental Relations

Indian and Northern Affairs
Housing – Negotiated block funding for twenty new modular homes for community as Chief, Fond du Lac Dene Nation

Wildlife ManagementNegotiated Joint Initiative with FSIN/Province and INAC for First Nations Resource Management Programas FSIN Vice Chief

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Current events - Reported current events in Northern Saskatchewan and NWT for 11 years – as CBC Radio broadcaster

Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Firearms
Hunting Restriction - Debated Imposition of Firearm legislation on First Nation people – as FSIN Vice Chief

Federal Department of Environment
Environmental Concern – Discussed concerns about future Nuclear Waste Management – as FSIN Vice Chief

Provincial Governmental Relations

Social Services/Sask Health
Northern Social Problems - Gathered data and wrote Northern Social Development Report – as Social Development Review Facilitator

Sask Environment
Northern Fisheries – Revised Provincial Fisheries Strategy – as Aboriginal Relationship Specialist

Sask Justice
Duty to Consult – Consulted with provincial legal counsel about Duty to Consult – as Aboriginal Relationship Specialist

Northern Affairs
Northern Mine Resource Development – Discussed Surface Lease Agreement - as FSIN Vice Chief

Sask Power
Power development – Discussed Black Lake hydro proposal – as FSIN Vice Chief

Insurance claims – Advocated for Dene claimants – as independent consultant

Premier's office/Ministers
Northern RelationsDiscussion of northern resource development - as FSIN Vice Chief and as Fond du Lac Dene Nation Chief

National NGO’s

National Center for Indigenous Governance
Board of Director

Board of Director

Provincial NGO’s

Wanuskewin Heritage Centre
WIHI Board of Director and Chair

Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages
Board of Director

First Language Speaking Project
Dene language resource developer, board of director and website host

Local/Regional NGO’s

Regina Food Bank
Volunteer fundraiser

Scattered Sites (provides services to homeless) (La Ronge)
Community volunteer – cleaning and donated fresh fish for hot meals

Lac La Ronge Indian Band Catherine Charles Elders Home
Volunteer Fisherman – regular donor of fresh fish for Elders in care


2012 Bachelor of Arts , Native Studies graduated with Distinction

University of Saskatchewan

2007-2008 Resolving Conflict Constructively – A Collaborative Approach to Problem Solving
Sask Justice

2008 Dealing with Media
Sask Environment

2005 Leadership Breakthrough
Rapport Leadership International School of Leadership

1994 Certified Dene Translator Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan

1977 Black Belt
International Tae Kwon Do Federation

Professional Experience

2012-present Nortep-Norpac, La Ronge, SK
Dene Faculty member and Recruitment

Dene culture and language course faculty, language development, student recruitment, advertisement production

1997 – present Dene Hha Communications La Ronge, SK

Language Consultant and Aboriginal Relations Expert
15 year business owner, certified interpreter and translation services in Dene and Cree (all dialects). Includes simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for groups, hiring/supervising language translators, meetings, conferences, hearings, specialist in court hearings, consultations, meetings in English, Dene and Cree. Strategic advisor/expert on Aboriginal governance, First Nation and Métis rapport building, implementation of governance structures, indigenous rights, lobbying

1999 to 2012 NORTEP La Ronge, SK

University Lecturer - Dene Language

Dene 100 Conversational Dene I, Dene 101 Conversational Dene II, Dene 104 Dene Grammar and Orthography I and Dene 105 Dene Grammar and Orthography II.

2007 – 2008 Sask Environment

Prince Albert, SK

Aboriginal Relationship Specialist

Delivered presentations on sustainable development, consultation processes, established working relationships with First Nation and Métis leaders preceding “duty to consult” discussions.

2005 – 2006 Dene Nation Office Yellowknife, NWT

Chief Executive Officer
Overall administrator of the Dene Nation Office, oversaw staff of 10, obtained funding, administer budgets and finance.

2004 – 2005 Fond du Lac Denesuline First Nation Fond du Lac, SK

Chief Fond du Lac Dene Nation

Ensured programs and services according to budgets and Contribution Agreements, monitored band business partnerships and launched new business ventures

2003– 2004 Saskatoon Aboriginal Business Assoc Saskatoon, SK

Aboriginal business development, developed marketing strategy for Conexus Credit Union for Aboriginal business customer base , developed community consultations on impending Indian Gaming regulations and licensing processes, developed “Western Energy Sector Trades Training Centre Strategy” for Battleford’s Tribal Council

2002 Prince Albert Grand Council Oral History Project Prince Albert, SK

Dene Language Expert
Compiled data from fieldworkers, coordinated translations, interviews, cataloging of tapes, transcription, development of Indigenous Knowledge land use maps, oral history of Athabasca Denesuline, translated interview, transcribed Dene texts into Access database, completed detailed review of data with community members to ensure accuracy of map and texts

2002 FSIN Saskatoon, SK
First Nation Community Liaison Worker
Delivered presentations on FSIN Treaty Governance Process to First Nation Chief and Councils in nine Dene First Nations followed

2001 Government of NWT Yellowknife, NWT
Official Languages Act Review Facilitator
Worked with the Special Committee on Official Languages to facilitate Official Review of Official Languages of the NWT and developed the consultation review process

1998–1999 Department of Community Resources and New North Prince Albert, SK
Social Development Review Facilitator
Coordinated a comprehensive review of Social Services programming in northern Saskatchewan, co-authored “Northern Saskatchewan Social Development Review 1998” report, delivered questionnaires regarding housing, social services, employment, child welfare, justice and education training in the north to northern residents

1994-1997 Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Saskatoon, SK
Vice Chief
Only Dene Vice-Chief with FSIN


· Successfully lobbied European Union against implementation of Wild Fur Product Ban caught by leg-hold traps within Canada to the US, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany to protect Indigenous harvesting rights for First Nations people in Canada

· Led the development of the First Nations Resource Management Program

· Established the Treaty Harvesters Association to address northern hunting, fishing and trapping rights

· Lobbied the federal government against gun registration regulations and fees for Indigenous trappers and subsistence hunters in Saskatchewan

· ©2008 Allan Adam. Photography by Cathy Wheaton. Designed by Serena Samborski.