Interpreting Services

  • Dene Hha Communications specializes in interpreting services for meetings, conferences and seminars which include Dene, Cree and English speakers.
  • Dene Hha can also accomodate large groups comprised of multiple languages including Dene, Cree and English as well as other languages.
  • Both Simultaneous and Consecutive interpreting available
  • Certified Dene medical interpreter
  • Dene court and legal interpreter
  • Simultaneous interpretation in Dene, Cree (both Woods and Plains Cree dialects) and other First Nations languages
  • Equipment and training available at competitive prices

Past Clients

Translation and Proof-reading Services

  • Written translation of English documents to Dene, Cree (both Woods and Plains Cree dialects) and other First Nations languages
  • Translation of Dene and Cree and other First Nation language documents to English
  • Proof-reading of translations in Dene, Cree etc.

Transcription Services

  • Transcription of Dene, Cree and other First Nation languages from oral recordings to written transcripts

Recording Services

  • Recording, digitization and editing of Dene, Cree and other First Nation languages from conferences, meetings and seminars to CD rom.
  • Voice-over and narration for videos in Dene, Cree and English
  • Commercial and public service announcements in Dene, Cree and English

Video Services

  • Professional digital shooting and editing
  • Broadcast quality materials on digital video
  • DVD dubbing for (VHS), Mini DV and Hi8 products
  • Commercial and public service announcements
  • Documentaries
  • Writing and editing into any Aboriginal language

Audio Sound Systems Rental

  • Sound systems for large conferences and meetings
  • Recording and on-site duplication
  • Post-production transcription
  • Cassette audio tape dubbing to CD

First Nation Consultation and Workshop Facilitation

  • Service provider to organizations interested in "First Nation Consultations"
  • Excellent conference facilitator and motivational speaker
  • Excellent Master of Ceremonies speaker
  • Excellent meeting Chairperson
  • First Nations Business Development
  • First Nations relationship advisor and facilitator

Dene Language Instructor

  • University level Dene instructor
  • Dene Conversational skills instructor

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop Topics:

  • First Nations Duty to Consult
  • Saskatchewan Dene Culture and Traditional Living Skills
  • Saskatchwan Dene Governance and Treaty Rights
  • Northern Saskatchewan Culture and History


Call or e-mail for a quote on Dene Hha Communication's products and services. Prices are negotiable.

Equipment  for Rent

Technicians and Operators
Audio Services  (PA Only)
Microphones, speakers, recorder, mixer
w/Audio Technician or renting by the hour
Renting by the hour
Meetings can be recorded on cassettes or CD’s
Interpreting/Translation Equipment
Bi-lingual translations equipment
20 Sennheiser Receivers
RCA Translation System
up to 70 delegates
PA system with up to 2 speakers, recorder, cables, mixer w/ Technician
Voice recording and narration
Audio Editing
Sound Forge editing

Video Services

Video Recording and Camera Operator
Video Equipment Rentals
Canon Xl1s  Mini DV
Tripod, batteries included
Post Productions and Editing
With operator
Without operator
Pinnacle Studio Pro
Desktop Publishing and Design
Layout and design of newsletters with photos and graphics
DVD Duplication and Copies
DVD conversion from VHS, Hi 8, Mini DV
Extra Copies

CD and DVD Duplication Service

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